We All Adapt

Early in my sobriety, I reluctantly ducked into a China Town dive bar called The Forbidden Lotus to wait out the rain. In the far corner, lit by a dim green spotlight, a band comprising a guitarist, an electric violinist and a drummer, were cruising through a bluegrass rendition of Eddie Money’s “Baby Hold On To Me.” A standup bass leaned in the corner behind the drum set.

I went to the bar and ordered an O’doul’s. A little person next to me asked if I wanted to play pool. I accepted and he dragged his stool with him to the table and stood on it whenever he shot. He beat me just as the Eddie Money song ended and said, “that’s my cue.” He dragged his stool with him onto the stage, climbed atop it, and reached back for the standup bass. The band launched into The Police’s “Roxanne.”

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Taking A Leap Of Faith And Quitting My Job

I have been at the same job for the past five years. I work as a florist Harrogate. Most days, I love my job. However, I feel like I am stuck. I am not doing what I really want to do with my life. My dream is to be a nurse. After high school, I did not go to college. I decided to get married. I do not regret getting married. In fact, my husband and I have been together for 10 years and have two great kids. However, it is time for me to pursue my dreams.

I have already started to complete my prerequisites that I need to get into nursing school. Hopefully, I will be able to start nursing school next year. I cannot wait to start my new career.

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A Magical Dog

A magical dog had ate some magical grass. It was just one piece but it seemed like a feast. The dog had powers that it could control. The dog could go from big to looking real old. It was odd the things this dog could do. It would even start singing out of the blue. It was unique and something to see except for when he would count to three. As I got older he didn’t care he would sit right there and just stare. I don’t know what he wants do you? The dog wants CCTV Bolton and a pop tart I thought. I was right he didn’t bark or whine all night. He was finally happy from stress. I was so happy because now I can get a good nights sleep.

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The Aroma of Forgetfulness

Grandma’s memory returned in a flash as 2 year old Sterling’s little hands froze in mid-air. All construction in the sandbox was shutdown as grandma lifted the screaming child and headed for the bath tub.

The smells of Mr. Bubbles soon permeated the air and Sterling was happy again splashing after the bubbles. “Them cats…always into something”, grandma muttered as she scrubbed up her adorable, but stinky grandson.

It had been about two weeks since they had played in the sandbox and that’s how long it had been left uncovered. Grandpa would have to make a trip over to the silica sand suppliers for a fresh batch of sand.

Grandma put a large handwritten note on the fridge; remember to cover up the sandbox! The aroma of forgetfulness is sometimes stinky, but just like footprints at the water’s edge, soon forgotten.

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The Night Skit Night Went Wrong

We learned a hard lesson in marching band that year. It was skit night and we were all gathered together for a night of frivolity and celebration of the end of band camp. Everyone was mainly seated according to our respective sections, I was with the trombones. I was new to band that year so I didn’t know quite what to expect.

The drum major came onto the stage. He was a saxophone player Manchester before making it to the head honcho position of leader of the band. The skit started innocently enough reenacting a moment from the tough week we’d endured. Suddenly all the players onstage decided to smash their instruments on the ground. It was more shocking than funny. It turns out they not only destroyed the instruments but the stage as well.

That was my first and last skit night. It was canceled going forward. We were deemed untrustworthy.

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A Most Memorable Affair

My best friend just got married and left for his honeymoon with his beautiful bride. They are very much in love, and their hard work to pull off the perfect wedding paid off. It was one of the most memorable affairs I have ever attended.

They wanted this day to be a celebration, and it was all that and more. We started with a wedding breakfast that included all of the 200 guests. From there, we took limos to the church for the ceremony. It was beautiful and serene. I am sure there weren’t many dry eyes as they took their vows.

After the church ceremony, we headed off for the reception. It was perfectly catered at a local ballroom. The food was excellent and the champagne flowed. One of the best parts was the wedding violinist Manchester who strolled through the crowd. He was a top-notch performer and made sure to serenade every guest. It was the cap to the perfect day.

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A Selective Choice

Its funny how a small majority of the eldery wearing hearing aids Manchester often take them out when they are having a selective hearing moment. Just last night I was having dinner at my parents house when my brother started complaining about his job like he does every week. My father just simply slipped his hearing aid out and set it gently on the table while trying to hold back a smirk. After seeing that we all started to wonder just how often he does that without anyone noticing. When we asked him about it, he simply smiled and turned the other way as if to drive us crazy on purpose. From now on I plan on keeping a close eye on him and calling him out everytime that piece comes out of his ears.

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Road trip

My friend Emma moved to Boulder Junction, Nevada last year, and I could not wait to visit. Since my husband and I were overdue for a vacation, we decided to make it a road trip. We’d drive from our home on LA to Boulder Junction but leave the route open, maybe stop in Vegas for a night, check out Mojave, or look for old ghost towns

Being from LA, we thought we could handle the heat, but July in Nevada is a whole new level. We stopped in Vegas for an hour, and then got right back on the road. We cranked the AC as far as it would go and burned that sucker all the way to Emma’s front door.

She met us with cold beers, and we spent the rest of the vacation enjoying her company, the views, but most of all the fantastic air conditioning Manchester in her house.

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